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Book List
  • Offshore Wind Power

    This peer-reviewed overview discusses a complete range of offshore wind issues, from climatology and construction to generation and transmission.

    John Twidell,Gaetano Gaudiosi
    Price:    Rs.9800
  • Monitoring Technologies for Bridge Management

    Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) is the integration of a system of sensors, model validation, system identification, monitoring strategies, data mining, data management and interpretation of the data for decision-making purposes.

    Baidar Bakht, A. Mufti, L. Wegner
    Price:    Rs.10400
  • The Effects of Low Frequency Noise and Vibration on People

    For communities near industrial facilities and transportation systems, the health effects of noise and vibration are an important issue, and this collection of articles brings together the latest research on the subject from 30 experts in such varied.

    Colin H. Hansen
    Price:    Rs.4500
  • The Coming Oil Crisis

    The history and current status of the important oil industry are reviewed in this study of the geological origins of oil and gas. Assessed are how much oil and gas has been produced.

    Colin Campbell
    Price:    Rs.3295
  • Man Made Global Warming: Unravelling a Dogma

    Uneasy at the claims of "scientific consensus" in respect of the causes of global warming, the authors discuss how if the science is wrong will not the policy flowing from that science.

    Hans Labohm, Simon Rozendaal
    Price:    Rs.4000
  • EUROMED 2012

    This volume contains the 64 papers presented at EUROMED 2012, held in Cyprus in October 2012. The conference theme was Progress in Cultural Heritage Preservation.

    Marinos Ioannides, Dieter Fritsch,Johanna Leissner,
    Price:    Rs.7495
  • Advances in Engineering for Surgery

    This book presents a cross section of engineering advances in various areas of surgery, emphasising collaborations between the surgical and engineering communities.

    Ming Chien Chyu
    Price:    Rs.7850
  • The Continue Project

    This volume describes the evolution of international climate policy since the Kyoto Protocol in 1992 and analyzes the consequences of implementing these energy policies.

    Lars Bergman, Marian Radetzki
    Price:    Rs.1990
  • Advances in Critical Care Engineering

    This book provides a representation of the new trends in fundamental and applied research on different aspects of engineering involved in critical care.

    Ming-Chien Chyu
    Price:    Rs.10900
  • Advances in Engineering for Healthcare Safety

    This collection of papers, edited by Professor Chyu, Texas Technical University, presents a cross section of recent engineering advances in various areas of healthcare safety.

    various, Ming Chien Chyu
    Price:    Rs.7495
  • Advances in Electronic Health Records

    In the light of the considerable advances in Electronic Health Records (EHR) in recent years, this book provides a timely representation of the state-of-the-art of fundamental and applied research on various aspects of EHR, as well as outlining the problems and challenges that remain to be addressed.

    Ming-Chien Chyu
    Price:    Rs.7850
  • Sports Science Handbook

    A dictionary/encyclopedia of the many scientific/technical terms used in sports science for academics, teachers and practitioners in the fields of physical education, sports coaching, fitness training, etc.

    S. Jenkins
    Price:    Rs.4250
  • Economics of Petroleum Production

    Issues of risk management and profit maximization in the context of oil exploration are examined in this volume for graduate students studying hydrocarbon production, and for oil industry professionals involved in economic risk analysis.

    I. Lerche, Sheila Noeth
    Price:    Rs.7850
  • Faults, Flow, Finance and Pressure in Exploration Assessments

    A quantitative and coherent resource for petroleum engineering professionals, this investigation of the problems concerned with oil and gas flow along subsurface faults focuses on the impact of reservoir leakage and subsurface pressure on production methodologies, exploration, and finance.

    Ian Lerche, James A. Mackay
    Price:    Rs.8100
  • Jet Aeroacoustics

    An up-to-date survey of airplane noise, this single-volume reference thoroughly addresses the key problems facing aeronautical engineers.

    Ganesh Raman
    Price:    Rs.9100
  • Worship, Acoustics and Architecture

    Aided by modern measuring techniques, this unique analysis considers the way that liturgy has driven, since the early days of the Christian church, acoustical improvements and how developments in architectural technology itself opened up new liturgical possibilities.

    F. Martellotta
    Price:    Rs.4250
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