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Book List
  • Ion Channel Drug Discovery

    Ion channel drug discovery is a rapidly evolving field fuelled by recent, but significant, advances in our understanding of ion channel function combined with enabling technologies such as automated electrophysiology.

    Brian Cox; Martin Gosling
    Price:    Rs.14500
  • Clinical Flow Cytometry

    This book is a focused review of clinical flow cytometry, and is meant to be helpful in daily clinical practice for those just beginning to learn flow cytometry as well as those with years of experience.

    Jason Howard Kurzer,Olga Kagan Weinberg,
    Price:    Rs.19780
  • Computer Aided Drug Development

    Computer Aided Drug Development, This book critically discusses the optimization technology and their applications for drug design in pharmaceutical research and development.

    Dr. Suryakanta Swain, Dr. Sandip Prasad Tiwari, Dr. Rabinarayan Parhi
    Price:    Rs.2495
  • Public Health

    Break the Cycle of Children’s Environmental Health Disparities (BTC) is an annual, collaborative, interdisciplinary research and training program involving university students in academic tracks that focus on the impact of adverse social, economic, and environmental factors on children’s health, development, and education.

    I. Leslie Rubin,Joav Merrick, MMedSci,
    Price:    Rs.19780
  • Pharmaceutical Drug Delivery Systems and Vehicles

    Pharmaceutical Drug Delivery Systems and Vehicles focuses on the fundamental principles while touching upon the advances in the pharma field with coverage of the basic concepts, fundamental principles, biomedical rationales, preparative and characterization techniques, and potential applications of pharmaceutical drug delivery systems and vehicles. The text then elaborates in detail about colon specific, lipid-based nanostructured, self-emulsifying, soy-protein based nutraceutical drug delivery systems.

    Dr. Suryakant Swain,Prof. Chinam Niranjan Patra & Dr. M.E. Bhanoji Rao
    Price:    Rs.3695
  • Forensic Toxicology

    New designer drugs, access to databases, and changing availability of samples for analysis have changed the face of modern forensic toxicology in recent years. Forensic Toxicology.

    Susannah Davies, Atholl Johnston, David Holt
    Price:    Rs.10900
  • Advances in Engineering for Healthcare Safety

    This collection of papers, edited by Professor Chyu, Texas Technical University, presents a cross section of recent engineering advances in various areas of healthcare safety.

    various, Ming Chien Chyu
    Price:    Rs.7495
  • Hyperpolarized Xenon-129 Magnetic Resonance

    Providing the first comprehensive book on the current state of hyperpolarized Xenon-129 NMR and MRI, this book is guaranteed to appeal to a wide range of scientists interested in this growing field.

    Thomas Meersmann; Eike Brunner
    Price:    Rs.19780
  • The Sentinel Lymph Node

    The Sentinel Lymph Node: Detection, Procedures and Clinical Implications gathers an overview of the sentinel lymph node biopsy procedure among different surgical settings.

    Ambrogio Pietro Londero, Serena Bertozzi,Carla Cedolini
    Price:    Rs.19780
  • Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disease

    Cardiovascular and metabolic diseases remain the number one cause of death in developed countries and their prevalence is increasing rapidly in developing nations.

    Philip Peplow; James Adams; Tim Young
    Price:    Rs.19890
  • Aflatoxins and Wildlife

    Aflatoxins are a highly toxic group of secondary metabolites that are produced by soil fungi, especially Aspergillus spp.

    Alan Fedynich, Scott E. Henke,
    Price:    Rs.19780
  • Hydrogels in Cell-Based Therapies

    Hydrogels are attractive materials for uses in regenerative medicine due to their biocompatibility and high water absorbance and retention properties.

    Che J Connon; Ian W Hamley
    Price:    Rs.17981
  • Movement 2018

    This book is based on the conference on “Movement and Cognition” held in July 2018 at the Joseph B. Martin Center at Harvard Medical School in Boston.

    Gerry Leisman
    Price:    Rs.25980
  • Fragment-Based Drug Discovery

    Fragment-based drug discovery is a rapidly evolving area of research, which has recently seen new applications in areas such as epigenetics, GPCRs and the identification of novel allosteric binding pockets.

    Steven Howard; Chris Abell
    Price:    Rs.18900
  • Public Health

    As St George’s University, Master of Public Health (MPH) program celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2019, there have been significant gains and challenges to the public’s health.

    Satesh Bidaisee,Sadik Uddin,Emmanuel Keku,Joav Merrick
    Price:    Rs.17981
  • Antibiotic Drug Discovery

    Recent years have seen a resurgence of antibiotic drug discovery. This book brings together the relevant information to assess the state-of-the-art.

    Steven M Firestine; Troy Lister
    Price:    Rs.18400
  • Pediatric Critical Care

    Pediatric critical care is an emotionally and intellectually demanding field of medicine; however, it is at its core the discipline focused on saving and improving the lives of children affected.

    Jason Kane,Joseph R. Hageman,Rachel Wolfson,Stuart Berger,
    Price:    Rs.26600
  • Drug Discovery from Natural Products

    This book offers an integrated review of the most recent trends in natural products drug discovery and key lead candidates that are outstanding for their chemistry and biology as a starting point in novel drug development.

    Olga Genilloud; Francisca Vicente
    Price:    Rs.16900
  • Pleural Effusions

    There is extensive literature available on pleural effusions and in recent years there has been significant developments in their diagnostic evaluation.

    Rahul Khosla
    Price:    Rs.16900
  • Nanomedicines: Role in imaging, Diagnosis and Treatment of Lung Cancer

    Drug delivery system is a topic of enormous interest for many of the pharmaceutical companies as the advancement of drug molecule enforced a foremost expenditure of capital, human resources, and professional proficiency.

    Dr. Rahul Pratap Singh, Dr. Sonali, Dr. Sunil Kumar, Dr. Rohit Dutt, Liandong Hu
    Price:    Rs.3695
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