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Book List
  • Principles of E-Learning Systems Engineering

    Introduction; General systems theory; Project development framework; E-learning systems structure and content; Feasibility; Front-end analysis; Project plan; Initial design; Detailed design.

    Lester Gilbert Veronica Gale
    Price:    Rs.7495
  • Never Mind the Web

    This key book examines the role of the printed book in contemporary societies, its demographics and its relation to the other media.

    Miha Kovac
    Price:    Rs.6200
  • Electronic Portfolios

    This book explains the motivations for building and using portfolio tools, and clarifies the principles and practice of using and developing them for assessment, recording personal information, self-presentation.

    Simon Grant
    Price:    Rs.6600
  • Managing People Globally

    This wide-ranging review of human resources management (HRM) in Asia draws attention to issues which are substantially different from those which a Western-trained manager or student would expect.

    Chris Rowley
    Price:    Rs.24400
  • Student Feedback

    In recent years, student feedback has appeared at the forefront of higher education quality.

    Chenicheri Sid Nair Patricie Mertova
    Price:    Rs.6200
  • The Google Generation

    The Google Generation examines original and secondary research evidence from international sources to determine whether there is a younger generation.

    Barrie Gunter Ian Rowlands David Nicholas
    Price:    Rs.6200
  • Teaching with Technology

    This practical book introduces readers to the current technology topics and issues facing today’s academic instruction and reference librarians.

    Joe Williams Susan Goodwin
    Price:    Rs.6200
  • Customer Care

    Customer Care provides a detailed course suitable for delivery to library staff at all levels.

    Pat Gannon-Leary Michael McCarthy
    Price:    Rs.6600
  • Succeed or Sink

    Aimed at business strategists, policy makers, researchers and adult learners, this book has an Asian perspective on business sustainability .

    Chris Rowley Jayantee Saha David Ang
    Price:    Rs.10662
  • Cataloguing Without Tears

    This book is an introduction, ‘handy’ and authoritative guide to the principles of cataloguing for librarians, information scientists and information managers.

    Jane Read
    Price:    Rs.6200
  • Vehicle thermal Management Systems (VTMS8)

    Major topics addressed include: Engine and engine compartment heat transfer; engine thermal loading; coolants and cooling systems heating, air conditioning and climate control and passenger comfort; heat exchanger developments; air flow management; vehicle thermal system modelling.

    T.I. M. E.
    Price:    Rs.50631
  • Principles of E-Learning Systems Engineering

    The book integrates the principles of software engineering with the principles of educational theory, and applies them to the problems of e-learning development, thus establishing the discipline of E-learning systems engineering.

    Lester Gilbert
    Price:    Rs.10662
  • Cruise to Success

    Cruise to Success is a hands-on guide and handbook to create a library marketing campaign.

    Loreen Phillips
    Price:    Rs.2500
  • Truths and Half Truths

    Truths and Half Truths is aimed at economic and social science academics and students who are interested in the dynamics of China’s institutional development and societal transformation.

    Ferdinand Gul, Haitian Lu
    Price:    Rs.12200
  • A Sense of Control

    Communication, information and well-being for people with disabilities; Virtual communities’ research – the perspective; Governments’ policies, legislative and telecommunications.

    Christine Tilley
    Price:    Rs.6200
  • Strategic Challenges and Strategic Responses

    This book focuses on the strategic challenges, strategic responses, and strategies for China's state-owned enterprises (SOE), which face significant challenges from a nationwide economic transformation.

    Jifu Wang
    Price:    Rs.10662
  • A Librarian's Guide to the Internet

    Librarians constantly conduct searches for their customers and for themselves. However the internet and technology are constantly changing, resulting in pressure on librarians to keep up-to-date with how best to use the internet.

    Jeanne Muller
    Price:    Rs.6200
  • From Science 2.0 to Pharma 3.0

    Science 2.0 uses the resources of Web 2.0 to communicate between scientists, and with the general public.

    Hervé Basset David Stuart Denise Silber
    Price:    Rs.13500
  • China and India

    In the last 30 years, the world’s software industry has been developing rapidly and the landscape has also been changing dramatically.

    John McManus Mingzhi Li Deependra Moitra
    Price:    Rs.10662
  • Guerilla Capitalism

    Aimed at globalising companies, institutional investors, business researchers, students and practitioners.

    Lan Nguyen
    Price:    Rs.10662
  • Evidence-Based Librarianship

    This book features case studies and active learning exercises related to using evidence-based approaches in several types of academic libraries.

    Elizabeth Connor
    Price:    Rs.6200
  • Information Consulting

    Information Consulting presents a closer look at what makes information consultants successful and how they develop a productive relationship with their clients.

    Irene Wormell Annie Olesen Gábor Mikulás
    Price:    Rs.6600
  • Management Education in Japan

    The changing nature of education and training systems in Japanese firms is reviewed with focus on developments of management education in Japanese universities.

    Norio Kambayashi Masaya Morita Yoko Okabe
    Price:    Rs.9800
  • South Korea

    South Korea: Challenging globalisation and the post-crisis reforms examines the major economic issues flowing from the Korean financial crisis of 1997 and covers such issues as industrial relations, macroeconomic sectors.

    Young-Chan Kim, Doo-Jin Kim, Young Kim
    Price:    Rs.10662
  • Corporate Literacy

    This book introduces a new facet for information and knowledge management: Corporate Literacy refers to the comprehensive literacy that companies and communities need in the networked.

    Anne Kauhanen-Simanainen
    Price:    Rs.6200
  • Freedom of Information

    As from 1 January 2005, Freedom of Information (FOI) legislation will come fully into force throughout the UK and could potentially change the way in which the public sector manages information.

    Liz Taylor
    Price:    Rs.6600
  • Excellence in the Stacks

    Excellence in the Stacks details the philosophies, practices and innovations of award-winning libraries over the last ten years.

    Jacob Hill Susan Swords Steffen
    Price:    Rs.6800
  • Electronic Financial Services

    Electronic Financial Services provides an extensive overview of technology management and information communications technologies (ICT) in the financial services.

    Hakman A Wan
    Price:    Rs.6800
  • Library Scholarly Communication Programs

    Libraries must negotiate a range of legal issues, policies and ethical guidelines when developing scholarly communication initiatives. Library Scholarly Communication Programs is a practical primer, covering.

    Isaac Gilman
    Price:    Rs.6800
  • The Brave New World of Publishing

    This books is aimed at publishers, librarians, printers, communications professionals and anyone who has an interest in the past, present and future of the book.

    Manfred Breede
    Price:    Rs.6800
  • Understanding the Internet

    A straightforward overview with minimum technical descriptions of the underlying networking principles, standards, applications and uses of the Internet.

    Kevin Curran
    Price:    Rs.14166
  • Expatriates in Asia

    The Asia-Pacific region is recognized as the fastest growing economic region in the world as well as one of the most difficult places for expatriates to work.

    Scott Hipsher
    Price:    Rs.6600
  • Braking 2009

    The papers are arranged under the following headings: Materials; Braking systems design; Design and thermal effects; NVH.

    Institution of Mechanical Engineers
    Price:    Rs.42104
  • Bullying and Sexual Harassment

    Bullying and Sexual Harassment provides practical guidance on how to recognise and reduce bullying and harassment.

    Tina Stephens Jane Hallas
    Price:    Rs.2800
  • Low Carbon Vehicles 2009

    The papers are arranged under the following headings: The carbon challenge; Electricity; Hybrids; Fuels and lubes; Alternative energy storage media; IC engines.

    Institution of Mechanical Engineers
    Price:    Rs.42104
  • Social Reading

    Contemporary developments in the book publishing industry are changing the system as we know it.

    José-Antonio Cordón-García Julio Alonso-Arévalo Raquel Gómez-Díaz Daniel Linder
    Price:    Rs.6200
  • The Role of the Academic Librarian

    This book covers the practical side of being an academic librarian – a role that has undergone a large degree of change in recent years.

    Anne Langley Edward Gray K T L Vaughan
    Price:    Rs.6200
  • New Content in Digital Repositories

    Research institutions are under pressure to make their outputs more accessible in order to meet funding requirements and policy guidelines.

    Natasha Simons, Joanna Richardson
    Price:    Rs.6600
  • Practical Leadership

    This management book is published in association with the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM).

    Gordon MacKay
    Price:    Rs.4000
  • The Revolution Will Not Be Downloaded

    This book attacks the often implicit and damaging assumption that ‘everyone’ is online and that ‘everyone’ is using online resources within the specified.

    Tara Brabazon
    Price:    Rs.10662
  • Managing Global Business Strategies

    Aimed at key decision makers and those responsible for global strategy, this book is about changing markets and the complexity of undertaking business in a fast paced technological and knowledge based age in a dynamic and strategic context.

    John McManus, Don White, Neil Botten
    Price:    Rs.5931
  • Human Resources Management in China

    Aimed at people interested in management and Human Resources in China, this book is a collection of original and researched case studies on a variety.

    Doug Davies Liang Wei
    Price:    Rs.10662
  • When Tradition Turns Into Innovation

    Starting from the increasing difficulties firms face to create new value for customers and achieve competitive advantage, this book proposes an innovative strategy to sustain innovation at the product level.

    Antonio Petruzzelli, Vito Albino
    Price:    Rs.6800
  • Asian Business Groups

    The Asian economic landscape is dominated by various types of business group. Asian Business Groups provides a comprehensive review and introduction to the different types of business group.

    Michael Carney
    Price:    Rs.10662
  • Internet Law in China

    A comprehensive, structured, and up-to-date introduction to the law governing the dissemination of information in a computer-mediated world in China.

    Guosong Shao
    Price:    Rs.11500
  • The Brave New World of Publishing

    This books is aimed at publishers, librarians, printers, communications professionals and anyone who has an interest in the past, present and future of the book.

    Manfred Breede
    Price:    Rs.6200
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