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Book List
  • Social Security in India and China

    In der vorliegenden Studie wird eine umfassende vergleichende Analyse der Sozialpolitik mit Fokus auf die Soziale Sicherheit in Indien und China vorgelegt.

    Silvan Siefert
    Price:    Rs.8700
  • In Debate with Kari Palonen

    Debate with Kari Palonen brings together 48 essays by scientists from a wide variety of disciplines.

    Claudia Wiesner , Evgeny Roshchin , Marie-Christine Boilard
    Price:    Rs.4900
  • Still the Century of Overkill?

    Weapons of mass destruction and their means of delivery are still considered necessary or at least desirable by many countries.

    Paolo Foradori
    Price:    Rs.5900
  • Norms, Interests, and Values

    All constitutional orders are necessarily based on a certain consensus, but always include conflicts and how to deal with them productively.

    Henning Glaser
    Price:    Rs.9100
  • Policies and Politics of Teaching Religion

    The role of religion and religious communities is disputed in many countries, particularly in predominantly Muslim countries, but also in Europe.

    Prof. Dr. Theodor Hanf , Professor Karim El Mufti
    Price:    Rs.4250
  • South Asia at a Crossroads

    The anthology South Asia at a Crossroads contains insightful contributions to a number of current security issues in South Asia from a global perspective.

    Subrata Ghoshroy , Dr. Goetz Neuneck
    Price:    Rs.7850
  • Commun(icat)ing Bodies

    As the basic medium of human interaction, the body is essential for socio-cultural communication systems, especially for the communication system "religion".

    Dr. Alexander Darius Ornella , Dr. Stefanie Knauss , Dr. Anna Katharina Höpflinger
    Price:    Rs.10100
  • The TRIPS Agreement Implementation in Brazil

    This study provides an analysis of Brazilian patent law, which is in line with the provisions of the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS).

    Viviane Yumy Mitsuuchi Kunisawa
    Price:    Rs.8700
  • German Community Pharmacists

    The German public pharmacists are in a very difficult, but also crucial phase of the reorientation of their profession.

    John Pfeifer
    Price:    Rs.3800
  • Challenges of standard implementation

    Based on social constructivist approaches to norm socialization, this study examines the challenges in the institutional implementation of norms against violence against women in Turkey.

    Price:    Rs.7850
  • Asia in the Eyes of Europe

    The study combines the results of a two-year international research project on the current media and public perception of the "Rise of Asia" in Europe.

    Sebastian Bersick , Dr. Michael Bruter , Dr. Natalia Chaban , Sol
    Price:    Rs.5200
  • The Stoics and the State

    How did the Stoics conceive of a polis and statehood? What happens when these ideas meet different biographies and changing historical environments?

    Jula Wildberger
    Price:    Rs.4500
  • Mass Media and Political Decision-Making

    To what extent are political decision-making processes mediated? Based on this question, the author analyzes media reporting and the strategies and perceptions of parliamentarians in three decision-making processes in Switzerland.

    Nino Landerer
    Price:    Rs.7495
  • Cyber Public Sphere and Social Movements

    The diversification and politicisation of the mass media within itself and also societal pressure created by the mass media at a social level have caused changes to our social structure.

    Ass.-Prof. Dr. Sami Çöteli
    Price:    Rs.2900
  • I Don't Even Recognize You Anymore

    The classic image of the brand as a simple manufacturer name that serves as a sign of origin for products or services is outdated.

    Carl Dominik J. Niedersüß, LL.M.
    Price:    Rs.3500
  • Corruption in Europe

    Even if European countries show comparatively low levels of corruption, scandals repeatedly make it clear that corruption is a major problem that Europe is also struggling with.

    Ina Kubbe
    Price:    Rs.6800
  • Catalonia in Spain and Europe

    Independence movements in Western Europe have recently called the stability of some states into question.

    Klaus-Jürgen Nagel , Prof. Dr. Stephan Rixen
    Price:    Rs.5500
  • Polish-Belarusian Relations

    This book examines Polish-Belarusian relations, which, according to the Polish historian Marcel Kosman, were 'very close, though not always idyllic' (Kosman, 1979, p. 6), or, as the Belarusian author Piotra Rudkouski puts it, 'Historically and culturally, Belarus and Poland are Siamese twins' (Rudkouski, 2007, p. 185).

    Andrzej Wierzbicki
    Price:    Rs.5500
  • Academia in Transformation

    The "Arabellions" in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) have had a profound impact not only on the societies and political structures in the respective countries, but also on various academic disciplines.

    Cabbage Stall,judge,Dhouib,Kastner
    Price:    Rs.7495
  • The Development of Business Clusters in Indonesia

    The book evaluates Indonesia's ambivalent economic policy to encourage small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) towards the establishment of business clusters in the ceramics and footwear industries in Cibaduyut and Plered, West Java.

    dr Aknolt Kristian Pakpahan
    Price:    Rs.6200
  • Socialistic Brands

    Socialist trademarks pose a challenge to the traditional justification of trademark protection. Their analysis sheds light on the market attractiveness of trademarks in general, while also opening up the possibility.

    Mikolaj Rogowski
    Price:    Rs.3295
  • Diversity in Europe

    The diversity of perspectives, behavior and attitudes is becoming increasingly important as Europeanization progresses. The book examines the topic of diversity in Europe in its interdisciplinary context.

    Charlotte Gaitanides , Prof. Dr. Gerd Grozinger
    Price:    Rs.4250
  • Europe and Asia: Perceptions From Afar

    Is the EU able and ready to deal with the emerging economies of Asia? Is increasingly prosperous Asia ready to engage economically in Europe?

    Natalia Chaban,Martin Holland
    Price:    Rs.9800
  • Religion in Cultural Imaginary

    The multi-layered concept of the imaginary turns out to be an advanced category for capturing the presence and diffusion of religious symbols, worldviews and narratives in various media and societal areas such as politics, business, art and popular culture.

    Dr. Daria Pezzoli-Olgiati
    Price:    Rs.4250
  • Theories of Modern Federalism

    Federalism is becoming increasingly important for shaping political orders. However, the enormous amount of empirical studies and comparative work has pushed the theoretical and historical treatment of federalism in recent research into the background.

    Skadi Siiri Krause
    Price:    Rs.6600
  • The security and stability of India

    India is seen as a rising great power in the 21st century, but a look behind the facade of the political and economic rise of the world's largest democracy reveals a unique array of threats to its security and stability.

    Gregory Hain
    Price:    Rs.9100
  • Apartments for Workers

    The cities of Latin America are characterized by extreme social contrasts that are reflected in many areas of everyday life.

    Mario Peters
    Price:    Rs.5500
  • Microcosm of European Integration

    Border regions are seen as laboratories of European integration on a micro scale. Problems and opportunities that exist at the European level are often reflected in local constellations of border regions.

    Elzbieta Opilowska , Prof. Dr. John Roose
    Price:    Rs.5500
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