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Book List
  • Electronic Financial Services

    Electronic Financial Services provides an extensive overview of technology management and information communications technologies (ICT) in the financial services.

    Hakman A Wan
    Price:    Rs.6800
  • Principles of E-Learning Systems Engineering

    The book integrates the principles of software engineering with the principles of educational theory, and applies them to the problems of e-learning development, thus establishing the discipline of E-learning systems engineering.

    Lester Gilbert
    Price:    Rs.10662
  • Nano-CMOS and Post-CMOS Electronics

    The demand for ever smaller and portable electronic devices has driven metal oxide semiconductor-based (CMOS) technology to its physical limit with the smallest possible feature sizes.

    Saraju P. Mohanty, Ashok Srivastava
    Price:    Rs.10100
  • Evaluation of Intelligent Road Transport Systems

    Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) use information and communications technologies (ICT) to deliver transport improvements instead of extending physical infrastructure, thereby saving money and reducing environmental impact.

    Meng Lu
    Price:    Rs.10980
  • Understanding the Internet

    A straightforward overview with minimum technical descriptions of the underlying networking principles, standards, applications and uses of the Internet.

    Kevin Curran
    Price:    Rs.14166
  • The Handbook of Electrical Resistivity

    This book updates and expands the editor's acclaimed Electrical Resistivity Handbook, bringing together advances in the field over the last two decades. In this period, much has been achieved in the fields of new materials and superconductivity.

    Gordon Dyos
    Price:    Rs.12700
  • Sea Clutter, 2nd Edition

    Sea Clutter: Scattering, the K Distribution and Radar Performance, 2nd Edition gives an authoritative account of our current understanding of radar sea clutter.

    Keith Ward, Robert Tough, Simon Watts
    Price:    Rs.10600
  • New Content in Digital Repositories

    Research institutions are under pressure to make their outputs more accessible in order to meet funding requirements and policy guidelines.

    Natasha Simons, Joanna Richardson
    Price:    Rs.6600
  • Distributed Control and Filtering for Industrial Systems

    In recent years technological advancements in the design and fabrication of integrated circuits have led to the development of cost effective, low power, thumb-size devices that can be used for sensing/actuating, communication and computing.

    Magdi S. Mahmoud
    Price:    Rs.12500
  • Active and Assisted Living

    Active and Assisted Living (AAL) systems aim at improving the quality of life and supporting independent and healthy living of older or impaired people by using a distributed network of sensors and actuators to create a ubiquitous technological layer, able to interact transparently.

    Francisco Florez-Revuelta, Alexandros Andre Chaaraoui
    Price:    Rs.11950
  • Control-Based Operating System Design

    Control-Based Operating System Design describes the application of system- and control-theoretical methods to the design of computer operating system components.

    Alberto Leva, Martina Maggio, Alessandro Vittorio Papadopoulos, Federico Terraneo
    Price:    Rs.8700
  • Digital Technology

    The book provides up-to-date research on the role of digital technologies in children’s, adolescent’s, and young adult’s lives, and how they navigate developmental tasks and issues utilizing these technologies.

    Michelle F. Wright
    Price:    Rs.16900
  • Electrospinning

    Electrospinning uses an electrical charge to form a mat of fine fibres. It shares characteristics of both the commercial electrospray technique and the commercial spinning of fibres.

    J. Stanger
    Price:    Rs.11854
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