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  • Miktoarm Star Polymers

    The term ‘miktoarm polymers’ refers to asymmetric branched macromolecules, a relatively new entry to the macromolecular field.

    Ashok Kakkar
    Price:    Rs.17681
  • Carbon Dioxide Utilisation

    Carbon dioxide utilisation is an emerging technology which can contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by converting CO2 into commercially viable products, such as chemicals, polymers, building materials and fuels.

    Royal Society of Chemistry
    Price:    Rs.18400
  • Dynamical Astrochemistry

    Astrochemistry is a well-established interdisciplinary subject and the methods for describing time-dependent chemistry in static or slowly-changing regions of interstellar space have been well-developed over many years.

    David A Williams; Thomas W Hartquist; Jonathan M C Rawlings; Cesare Cecchi-Pestellini; Serena Viti
    Price:    Rs.17681
  • Chemistry at Home

    Hand cream, detergent, shower gel, toothpaste, toilet cleaner, air freshener, lipstick, perfume, low-fat spread, painkiller, diet drink, insect repellent.

    John Emsley
    Price:    Rs.3200
  • The Science and Commerce of Whisky

    Worldwide - whisky has never been in better shape. Despite the recession, new distillation capacity is being added at a record pace and new consumers in new markets are entering the arena.

    Ian Buxton; Paul S Hughes
    Price:    Rs.3295
  • Sustainable Catalysis Part-1

    Catalysis is a fundamentally sustainable process which can be used to produce a wide range of chemicals and their intermediates.

    Michael North
    Price:    Rs.53000
  • Glycopolymer Code

    Glycopolymers are important for cell signalling, recognition pathways, and their role in the immune system. They are gaining attention for new applications in tissue engineering and drug delivery.

    C. Remzi Becer; Laura Hartmann
    Price:    Rs.17681
  • Thermometry at the Nanoscale

    Recent advances in technologies have created a need for sensing and measuring temperature at the nanoscale.

    Luís Dias Carlos; Fernando Palacio
    Price:    Rs.19780
  • Poly(lactic acid) Science and Technology

    Biodegradable polymers from renewable resources are sought after for many purposes, from packaging materials in food to biomedical applications.

    Alfonso Jiménez; Mercedes Peltzer; Roxana Ruseckaite
    Price:    Rs.18400
  • Green Materials from Plant Oils

    Finding alternatives to fossil feedstocks is increasing in importance with the challenges of global warming, increasing oil prices and depleting fossil fuel reserves that we currently face.

    Zengshe Liu; George Kraus
    Price:    Rs.15500
  • Evolution's Destiny

    This book is written as an addition to Darwin's work and that of molecular biologists on evolution so as to include views of it from the point of view of chemistry rather than just from our knowledge of the biology and genes of organisms.

    R J P Williams, Ros Rickaby
    Price:    Rs.7495
  • Aerobiology

    Aerobiology is the study of airborne organic particulates in the environment, such as bacteria or fungal spores.

    Harry Salem, Sidney A Katz
    Price:    Rs.16900
  • Water Droplets to Nanotechnology

    The ability of nanostructures to organize into complex arrangements leads to unique materials with valuable applications.

    Plinio Innocenzi, Luca Malfatti, Paolo Falcaro
    Price:    Rs.6600
  • C-H and C-X Bond Functionalization

    Cross-coupling reactions involving C-H and C-X bond functionalisation are commonplace in natural product synthesis and natural products, therapeutic agents, biological probes, and advanced materials.

    Xavi Ribas
    Price:    Rs.17681
  • Catalysis in Ionic Liquids

    Although ionic liquids have only been studied in depth during the last decades, the field is now maturing to such a degree that the focus is on larger scale applications for use in real processes such as catalysis.

    Chris Hardacre, Vasile Parvulescu
    Price:    Rs.18400
  • Chemical Warfare Toxicology

    Despite ongoing efforts to prohibit the production, storage and use of chemical warfare agents recent world events highlight the enduring threat to the population from these agents.

    Franz Worek; John Jenner; Horst Thiermann; Horst Thiermann; John Jenner; Franz Worek
    Price:    Rs.19890
  • Maths for Chemists

    The two volumes of Maths for Chemists provide an excellent resource for all undergraduate chemistry students but are particularly focussed on the needs of students who may not have studied mathematics beyond GCSE level (or equivalent).

    Graham Doggett, Martin Cockett
    Price:    Rs.2800
  • Functional Supramolecular Materials

    Supramolecular materials have a great number of applications due to the reversibility of their non-covalent molecular interactions, such as reversible hydrogen bonding, host–guest interactions and electrostatic interactions.

    Rahul Banerjee
    Price:    Rs.19780
  • Around the World in 18 Elements

    Written with both students and educators in mind, this book presents a tour of the elements found in the British "A" level syllabus.

    David Scott
    Price:    Rs.2300
  • Tandem Mass Spectrometry of Lipids

    The emerging field of lipidomics has been made possible because of advances in mass spectrometry, and in particular tandem mass spectrometry of lipid ions generated by electrospray ionization.

    Robert C Murphy
    Price:    Rs.16900
  • Guanine Quartets

    Guanosine and its derivatives have a high potential for self-recognition and self-assembly, as well as the recognition ability for other biologically important molecules.

    Lea Spindler, Wolfgang Fritzsche
    Price:    Rs.13500
  • Asymmetric Functionalization of C–H Bonds

    Asymmetric C-H direct functionalization reactions are one of the most active and fascinating areas of research in organic chemistry due to their significance in the construction of molecular complexity without pre-activation, and the step economy and atom economy features in potential synthetic application.

    Shu-Li You
    Price:    Rs.19850
  • Supramolecular Chemistry at Surfaces

    Supramolecular chemistry provides a versatile approach for modifying the structure and function of surfaces, including the formation of clusters, monolayers and films.

    David B Amabilino
    Price:    Rs.19780
  • Fast Pyrolysis of Biomass

    Fast pyrolysis and related catalytic pyrolysis are of increasing interest as pathways to advanced biofuels that closely mimic traditional petroleum products.

    Robert C Brown; Kaige Wang
    Price:    Rs.16900
  • Chemistry in the Urban Atmosphere

    Urban atmospheres are clearly distinguishable from most rural and all remote atmospheres by their high primary pollutant loadings and relatively fast reaction times.

    Faraday Discussions
    Price:    Rs.18400
  • Microscale Acoustofluidics

    The manipulation of cells and microparticles within microfluidic systems using external forces is valuable for many microscale analytical and bioanalytical applications.

    Thomas Laurell, Andreas Lenshof
    Price:    Rs.16900
  • Chemical Biology of Glycoproteins

    Glycans play a vital role in modulating protein structure and function from involvement in protein folding, solubility and stability to regulation of tissue distribution, recognition specificity, and biological activity.

    Zhongping Tan; Lai-Xi Wang
    Price:    Rs.19780
  • Compound-specific Stable Isotope Analysis

    The use of Compound-specific Stable Isotope Analysis (CSIA) is increasing in many areas of science and technology for source allocation, authentication, and characterization of transformation reactions.

    Maik A Jochmann, Torsten C Schmidt
    Price:    Rs.6800
  • Chemistry

    Many people are convinced that, among other courses taught in schools, chemistry is a difficult and complex subject. This view is often arrived at without justification.

    Vincenzo Balzani; Margherita Venturi
    Price:    Rs.1600
  • Science and Art

    Science and art are increasingly interconnected in the activities of the study and conservation of works of art.

    Antonio Sgamellotti, Brunetto Giovanni Brunetti, Costanza Miliani
    Price:    Rs.6800
  • The Cosmic-Chemical Bond

    Introducing astrochemistry to a wide audience, this book describes how molecules formed in chemical reactions occur in a range of environments in interstellar and circumstellar space, from shortly after the Big Bang up to the present epoch.

    David A Williams; T W Hartquist
    Price:    Rs.2800
  • Computational Systems Pharmacology and Toxicology

    The network approaches of systems pharmacology and toxicology serve as early predictors of the most relevant screening approach to pursue both in drug discovery and development and ecotoxicological assessments.

    Rudy J Richardson, Dale E Johnson
    Price:    Rs.17681
  • Chemical Processes for a Sustainable Future

    This comprehensive book approaches sustainability from two directions, the reduction of pollution and the maintaining of existing resources, both of which are addressed in a thorough examination of the main chemical processes and their impact.

    Trevor Letcher; Janet Scott; Darrell Patterson
    Price:    Rs.9800
  • Electrospinning

    Electrospinning techniques are used to produce novel nanoscale fibrous materials used in a diverse range of applications.

    Geoffrey R Mitchell
    Price:    Rs.16900
  • Carbon Nanotube-Polymer Composites

    Chemically-modified carbon nanotubes (CNTs) exhibit a wide range of physical and chemical properties which makes them an attractive starting material for the preparation of super-strong and highly-conductive fibres and films.

    Dimitrios Tasis
    Price:    Rs.16900
  • The Biological Chemistry of Nickel

    Metal ions play key roles in biology. Many are essential for catalysis, for electron transfer and for the fixation, sensing, and metabolism of gases.

    Deborah Zamble, Magdalena Rowinska-Zyrek, Henryk Kozlowski
    Price:    Rs.18400
  • Industrial Polymer Applications

    Industrial Polymer Applications provides a comprehensive overview of the diverse properties and applications of thermoset and thermoplastic polymer technologies used routinely.

    William R Ashcroft
    Price:    Rs.4500
  • The Chemical Story of Olive Oil

    Despite the growing interest in olive oil, most people know very little about what it is or how it is made.

    Richard Blatchly, Zeynep Delen, Patricia O'Hara
    Price:    Rs.4250
  • Volume Properties

    Volumetric properties play an important role in research at the interface of physical.

    Emmerich Wilhelm, Trevor Letcher
    Price:    Rs.19780
  • Heme Peroxidases

    Of all the peroxidases, that of horseradish has been the longest and one of the most intensively studied.

    H. Brian Dunford
    Price:    Rs.18723
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