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Book List
  • Terrorism and Counterterrorism Today Vol: 20

    This volume contains chapters dealing with a variety of issues related to terrorism and counterterrorism and the study thereof, especially in relation to crime, criminal justice, law, and social control.

    Mathieu Deflem
    Price:    Rs.13886
  • Transitions Vol: 28

    How do students with learning disabilities or emotional and behavioral disorders fare in adulthood? Are their rates of employment, graduation from post-secondary schools.

    Melody Tankersley Bryan G. Cook Timothy J. Landrum
    Price:    Rs.12651
  • Accounting in Latin America Vol: 14

    Latin America consists of a diverse set of countries that nonetheless face common political, economic and social problems; in particular, high inequality and volatile growth which have contributed to high levels of poverty.

    Claudio Wanderley Fabio Frezatti
    Price:    Rs.12500
  • Advances in Mergers and Acquisitions Vol: 13

    What makes the ""Advances in Mergers and Acquisitions"" series stand out is its focus on all three characteristics that make up this research field - studies from scholars in different countries, with different research questions, relying on different theoretical perspectives.

    Cary L. Cooper Sydney Finkelstein
    Price:    Rs.13500
  • Advances in Hospitality and Leisure Vol: 5

    "Advances in Hospitality and Leisure" ("AHL"), a peer-reviewed series, seeks to deliver refreshing insights from a host of scientific investigations pertaining to hospitality, leisure.

    Joseph S. Chen
    Price:    Rs.12200
  • Disasters, Hazards and Law Vol: 17

    This volume deals with important social-science issues of law and legal control pertaining to disasters and hazards in a variety of contexts.

    Mathieu Deflem
    Price:    Rs.13500
  • Studies in Symbolic Interaction Vol: 39

    Part I, "Theoretical Openings," of Volume 39 of Studies in Symbolic Interaction contains outstanding contributions by leading interactionists on welfare reform, history, biography and memory.

    Norman K. Denzin
    Price:    Rs.12500
  • Misbehavior Online in Higher Education Vol: 5

    As interaction in higher education among faculty, staff, students, and others becomes ever more digital, the welter of new online communication technologies have provided many unintentional opportunities for indiscipline and misconduct.

    Laura A. Wankel Charles Wankel
    Price:    Rs.8700
  • A Research Annual Vol: 31, Part A

    Research in the History of Economic Thought and Methodology is an annual research series which presents materials in two fields, both broadly considered.

    Jeff E. Biddle Ross B. Emmett Marianne Johnson
    Price:    Rs.14500
  • Accounting in Central and Eastern Europe Vol: 13

    Countries in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), most of them former components of the communist bloc, have suffered diverse influences over time. Historically, the advent of communism in the 1950s has stopped.

    Catalin Albu Razvan Mustapa
    Price:    Rs.14600
  • Digital Humanities Vol: 7

    The field of Digital Humanities is becoming more exciting as the number of low-cost or free mobile and desktop applications flood the market allowing.

    Bryan Carter
    Price:    Rs.8700
  • A Research Annual Vol: 32

    This volume includes referred articles, archival pieces, and book reviews. The first section deals with economics and AntiSemitism and focuses on the contribution of four leading economists.

    Luca Fiorito
    Price:    Rs.12500
  • Creative Social Change: Leadership for a Healthy World

    What is our role in creating healthy organizations and a healthy world? Creative Social Change fosters a unique dialogue on the interconnections between leadership, sustainability.

    Kathryn Goldman Schuyler, John Eric Baugher, Karin Jironet
    Price:    Rs.4250
  • New Perspectives in Accounting Ethics

    New Perspectives in Accounting Ethics is a unique collection of articles that represent the very highest level of scholarship in the field.

    Emerald Group Publishing Limited
    Price:    Rs.5500
  • Culturally Responsive Methodologies

    Culturally Responsive Methodologies puts forward a new position from which to navigate our research in the hope that we can contribute to a more respectful and humble way of working with all peoples.

    Mere Berryman Suzanne SooHoo Ann Nevin
    Price:    Rs.8700
  • Race in the Age of Obama: Part 2 Vol: 19

    This volume is the second part of a two volume examination of the sociological and cultural impact derivative of Barack Hussein Obama's initial election and re-election as President of the United States.

    Donald Cunnigen Marino A. Bruce
    Price:    Rs.14800
  • Studies in Symbolic Interaction Vol: 37

    Volume 37 in the bi-annual series "Studies in Symbolic Interaction" is divided into three distinct parts: Part One, Theoretical Openings, focuses on new theoretical work in the interactionist tradition by leading interdisciplinary scholars.

    Norman K. Denzin
    Price:    Rs.15500
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